Treasure Hunt

As per the constitution of this magnificent society, which may or may not still have some loopholes, it is the duty to hide treasure prior to the society hosting an AGM. These unprecedented times do not serve as an excuse for neglecting these duties. Within this site, there are 6 random combinations of 7 characters. Upon finding these, please input them into the form at the bottom, and follow the instructions. First for each one gets a pic of a committee member, and may redeem the code for a treat from the RBC, subject to me being there, me having money, and the RBC being operational. One win per person is permitted, and please don't abuse this game.



The year has seen an increase in the items owned by the society. Indeed, the budget increase to a record high has allowed the society to purchase games such as Far Cry 5 and Smash-Bros (again). On top of this, the budget has allowed for the acquirement of more Joy-Cons, and an additional 256 GB of storage for the switch, allowing for a wider possibility of game plan.

However, the infection has led to a sudden drop in spending, giving the next committee £360.43 of spending money - more than last years entire budget! We wish them the best in this quest.



Only the elders remember the wasteland that the TV-Room once was. Indeed, the small dysfunctional TV (singular), lack of any comfort, and continuous overpowering smell (okay, that might still exist) are remnants of a past era. The new TV, new sofas, and old JCR furnishings give us the hope we need moving forwards to a better and brighter future. One filled with discounted-pizza fuelled festivities. One where ducks can fight in peace. One where I'm victorious at Mario Cart. Okay, maybe not quite that last one. In the mean time, we must settle for Zooooomed AGMs. Imagine using white font in an essay. Congrats if you found this: 1GsBjBF.



Before providing the input for treasure codes, there are two final bonus treasure prize (for equality between STEM and the other stuff). These are in honour of those who are sadly departing us this year, never to return ( or will they??). Amongst these, we see the like of our esteemed lord and saviour Sam (you can decide which), Sam (bound to the other by the sacrament of college marriage), and James V (not on the committee, but close to everyone's heart (I dare you to say otherwise)). Others exist, but that would require me to actually see who else is a member/leaving, which is way too much effort.


Given the following:

Sam = 95

Ross = Victoria

tom - Tom = 32

Tor + code = Tom

Sleep = Imaginary

The treasure is the sum of the words of this statement.

The Rest

Name the location: