About Me

I am a fourth year undergraduate reading Chemical Engineering at the University of Cambridge. This site is a place where I can try ideas, develop projects, and improve my computational skills. The website is running on a PHP web app that I made, allowing for a systematic and organised website. This allows for easy development of both standardised designs, whilst still allowing for flexibility in appearance. Several example projects can be found above, including a project I did for a lockdown treasure hunt.

On top of my course, I have undertaken an internship for Immaterial; a company focused on the development of monolithic metal organic frameworks (MOFs). This gave me valuable insight into how companies operate; especially those in the chemical industry. Computationally, I have used a variety of languages for various projects. By doing this, I have engaged in both functional and object-orientated languages.

My interest in chemical engineering and computer science leads to my major area of interest: process engineering. The ability to link computational methods with chemical facilities to obtain facilities operating at levels far beyond what can normally be expected is where the future lies. Already, we are seeing advancements in the "robot scientist"; a robot able to perform experiments, as well as the ability to form and test hypothesis. It is thus not difficult to imagine a "robot plant"; an automated facility where chemicals are manipulated with a constant optimisation process. This can lead to safer and more efficient production methods.